Architecture Projects

The architectural project

The architectural project is developed from a set of steps that are part of a process that allows us to define the project from the initial ideas in the first meetings to the final design.

In these steps a series of written and drawn documents are produced that define the entire project in detail and are developed by our team of architects who have taken into account the base program, the budget, the site’s environment, and the applicable planning regulations.

The architectural project is mainly composed of the following steps:

  1. Description of Needs and Objectives
  2. Preliminary Study of the Site
  3. Elaboration of the Design Process
  4. Draft
  5. Basic Project or Architectural Project
  6. Execution Project
  7. Construction Management (Construction supervision)

The architectural projects we develop:

  • Collective housing buildings
  • Housing block complexes
  • Equipment
  • Offices and commercial sites
  • Houses
  • Rehabilitation projects
  • Interior Architecture


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