Architecture Projects

The architectural project is developed from a set of steps that are part of a process that allows us to define the project from the initial ideas in the first meetings to the final design.

Rehabilitation Projects

Developing a rehabilitation project is about solving the client’s particular needs and objectives, either by restoring it to its original state or by modifying it to bring it closer to the required needs.

Planning and urbanization

The urban development project cannot change the urban layout, nor the heights of buildings, the width of streets, or the fundamental unevenness of streets or squares, because these responsibilities correspond to urban planning, a high-level urban development instrument.


At BIG Arquitetos we help you save time, money and trouble by advising you on your project. We share our experience and knowledge with you so that you can know what you can do on your land before you start, whether your project is feasible (or not) or what you should do to avoid future problems.

Construction supervision

Construction work inspection consists of examining, checking, and supervising the construction process, from its beginning, during its execution until its conclusion, carried out by an architect, civil engineer, or specialized professional, who works as a supervising inspector.


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