Works created in collaboration, that make our clients feel satisfied and happier. An architecture of well-being.

Friendly service

At BIG Arquitetos we seek originality in design and the satisfaction of our clients. Our philosopfy is based on our attention and empathy, communication and close treatment with people, since we know that they are the key to the success of our practice.

We are aware that our job is to think out spaces to live in and to enjoy them, so we understand them as an extension of the people who inhabit them.


We venture to take risks with new concepts that are out of the first thougth, always trying to reproduce the particular taste of our customers. Each project aims to be a reflection of their way of life, reproducing the individual way of living, through mixing our knowledge as professionals with the experience of its future users.

Gabinete, Philosophy

Atelier BIG Arquitetos | Portugal

"A arquitetura é uma oportunidade para mudar as pessoas, melhorando a sua experiência de vida."


What is it like to work with BIG Arquitetos?

Choosing us as your trusted architects means choosing professionals, who are next you for everything you need at any time. We believe in comprehensive support throughout the entire creation process, because we understand that this is a significant experience for our clients and a special moment in their lives.

We know that building your house can be an uphill battle, especially when all the steps to follow are unknown, which is why it’s essential for us that our clients can take this stage calmly and enjoy making their dreams come true.

Why BIG Arquitetos


What differenciate us from other architecture studios is our close contact with people, our responsiveness and the quality of the final result. We prioritize customer service throughout the entire process, always being available to talk at any time and help at any stage of the project.


Although our studio is large and competent to take on large projects, we have never stopped betting on the human scale and housing projects. We are specialists in this architectural typology, with around 15 single-family room projects per year. We aways pay attention to the present momment when designing, but with a view to the future, since it is important for us to guarantee that the architecture work can last over time.


Our years of experience in the market help us to be thorough with construction costs, always taking care to meet the final construction budget. The result, a differentiated architecture project with which our clients can identify. A dream with an price adjusted to the clients budget and the peace of mind of our constant accompaniment, from start to finish.

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