Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer as much detail as possible to each of the questions that we usually receive as a guide to help you clarify the first doubts and take the initiative to start your project.

You can be sure that this will not happen. The project starts from the presentation of your intentions and the solution that we propose always has to be validated by you until you get the model that you like.
No, each design is unique and personalized for each case. Our proposals always try to advance based on your needs, ideas and intentions. This, together with the particular location of the plot and your decisions at each meeting, makes each project unique and differentiated.
Design starts with you. From the first meeting you present us your intentions and ideas and we start working from them. We’ll meet once a week for you to validate progress and make design decisions.

Once we start working together, all you have to do is give quick and clear answers.

This will allow us to do a better job and get you the house of your dreams as soon as possible. We will have weekly meetings where we will inform you and show you progress and where you will have to make decisions. In short:

– Meet with us to express your needs and define your ideal situation.

– Decisions and validations of what we present to you.

– Various decisions (such as the builder (empreiteiro), which we can suggest, but you would have to agree in this case and request it from the studio).

There are a series of procedures throughout this process that are essential for the project to be carried out. However, you do not have to worry, we take care of everything and you only have to respond and sign the documents that we send you. Easy and fast.

At BIG Arquitetos we save you all the paperwork related to the process, directly with the atelier or with established partners. Therefore, you save yourself the inconvenience of solving many things that we do and the risk of being deceived. (Ex: When we evaluate the capacity and financial stability of the builders in competition).

Our 22 years of experience allow us to know all the phases of the process and thus be able to optimize each phase.

The time it takes to finish depends, on the one hand, on the time that we dedicate (you and us) to the design phase and, on the other hand, on the size of the project. In general, we can say that the projects of our medium-sized houses usually have 3 periods:

Design process: 6-8 months// Variable period until the builder’s decision// Work: 9-12 months

The payment is divided into three parts that will be collected throughout the phases of the project. The first payment is made when the award is confirmed and the work begins with us (40%).

About 3 months later, when we have finished designing the architectural project and handing it over to the Municipal Chamber, the second payment (40%) is made.

Finally, when the specialties are executed and delivered to the municipal chamber, the last payment is made (20%).

The making and completion of payments does not imply that we stop working with you. Even after these phases, we will continue to carry out our work and accompany you throughout the process until the end.

We will be by your side to help you rigorously and with attention to detail (even the smallest), as well as to ensure the supervision of the work in all phases. We will be your support from the beginning of the ideation, until the final execution.

This is a unique service that we offer to our clients and you will not pay anything more than what is initially established for it.

The accompaniment throughout the work will allow you to have an experienced support person who will inform you of any questions you may have and avoid the risk of being deceived. We will help you rigorously in each phase (ideation, structure phase, execution, work, finishes…).


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