At BIG Arquitetos we help you save time, money and trouble by advising you on your project. We share our experience and knowledge with you so that you can know what you can do on your land before you start, whether your project is feasible (or not) or what you should do to avoid future problems.

Constructive feasibility analysis and solution alternatives

When undertaking a new construction, renovation, or rehabilitation project, there are many factors that come into play in the process that can impede the construction of your project.

To avoid this, the first thing that should be done is to learn about your project idea, goals and needs. We inspect the land and all the factors that may come into play and advise you on project feasibility, requirements, costs, processes, etc.

In addition to this, we will always help you find alternative solutions that fit your goals.

Urban feasibility analysis and intervention strategies.

For projects that have an impact on urban planning (public spaces, large real estate developments, buildings, …) we help determine the feasibility of the proposal, we think about different intervention strategies that benefit the project in terms of economy, quality and time.

We try to understand your project and objectives in detail, we carry out a study of urban planning regulations, urban plans and future changes that may affect the project, and we help you elaborate the necessary intervention strategies for its realization.

Proposals evaluation for construction work and selection of proposals

Before starting the construction phase of your project, one of the most important tasks of the entire process is to perform one of the tasks that determines whether the work will be completed successfully or if it could turn into a total failure. Based on your project, we help you evaluate the different construction proposals (in case you don’t have any, we can take care of them) in order to select the one that best fits your budget, time, and achieve the highest quality. If you are at that stage of the process and need a second opinion, we can advise you by conducting this assessment and sharing our experience with you.

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